C6X Jaw Crusher

All the indexes of C6X jaw crusher show advanced modern technology in structure and production efficiency. ACrusher's C6X jaw crusher can solve these problems of existing jaw crushers due to low production efficiency, difficult installation and maintenance. At present, C6X jaw crusher is the ideal coarse crusher in the domestic market.

C6X jaw crusher Working Principle

First, the motor drives the belt and pulley, making the movable clamp move back and forth and up and down around the eccentric shaft. The material is crushed when the movable gripper pushes the movable splint against the fixed splint. When the movable jaws and plates move backward under the action of eccentric shafts and springs, the previously crushed material is discharged from the port under the jaws. When the motor works continuously, the movable clamp can crush or discharge the material periodically, so that mass production can be realized.


Product Parameters

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